Role: UX Researcher

Tools: Figma, Google Suite, Slack

Duration: 5 weeks

Deuce aims to guide travelers to their ideal public restrooms in familiar and unfamiliar locations


For Deuce, my focus was on project management and research.

  • Organizing scrum style production on Slack
  • Made crucial design decisions that focused on minimal but meaningful user interactions
  • Competitive analysis chart comparing top competitors, Toiler Finder and Flush
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  • Mothers
  • Frequent Travelers
  • Travelers with accessibility needs

Competitor Analysis

Deuce was compared to Toilet Finder and Flush; it has the following features:

  • Traffic indicator of a restroom's current user flow.
  • Wider range of amenity markers than both Toilet Finder and Flush.
  • Verification system on crowdsourced restrooms which enabled the ability to detect and block off residential areas.


deuce-initial-mapview deuce-initial-toiletpage deuce-initial-review deuce-initial-postreview


User Testing & Data Analysis

  • 15 out of 15 found their location
  • 15 out of 15 found the features at Shores Beach
  • 11 out of 15 were able to place a review at Mt. Catlin Hotel
  • Other notable pain points:
    • Call button at the list view page
    • X button
    • Excessive clicking
    • Dark map

Written by my colleage, Vivian T.


  • Included reviews in toiletpage
  • Added a report page
  • Changed colors to be mor visible
  • Changed phone button in list view

Initial Design

deuce-initial-mapview deuce-initial-toiletpage deuce-initial-review deuce-initial-postreview

Post-Feedback Design

deuce-mapview deuce-toiletpage deuce-postreview deuce-report

Other Work


Lead Software Engineer


UX Designer