Role: UX Designer

Tools: React-native, Redux, Figma,

Duration: 7 months

VennPool is a mobile app that aims the alleviate messy communication associated with organizing large carpools.


For Vennpool, my focus was on mobile-app development and ideation.

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  • Outback Adventures member
  • Triton Gaming member
  • Working adult in an office job

User Pain Points

  • Distraction
  • Repetitive Qs
  • Heavy Scrolling
  • Non-dynamic


The architecture design was organized with the attempt on controlling privilige access rights on group-restricted rides.

  • Group(s)
    • Event(s)
      • Ride(s)


After some User Testing and Design Critiques, we discovered the following:

  • Many steps
  • Too confined
  • Complex
  • Wish to avoid account creation
  • Trusting a new app with personal info


We replaced our account creation with Facebook's login api. Once logged in, the user's "going" events are parsed into their feed, and from there, they can view and offer rides. The initial design is changed to ingrain the group concept yet effectively maintaining rides within groups.

  • Simplifies steps to sign-in and sign-up
  • Trust issue with a new app
  • User account Control is interally managed by Facebook's group/event system

Other Work


UX Researcher


Lead Software Engineer